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Davy Shaw:

Dave (The Creature) Shaw


Hello people and welcome to the site.

Before I start boring you all, can I just begin by thanking all our fans for their loyal support and especially to Norman for organising and setting up this site.

I have been with The Force for a good number of years now (almost as long as Mick). I joined the original three piece outfit as second lead guitarist alongside Phil Gilespie, drummer Mick Simpson and of course the founder Mick Hunter. From the beginning the band has always tried hard to write and play original material whenever possible and slowly but surely we've built up a strong loyal fan base who genuinely want to hear our music.

After the departure of original members Phil and Mick the band went through various changes of personnel, but I am pleased to say the present lineup with Geordie Clark is by far the steadiest, strongest and most enjoyable.

About Me

I am affectionately known by the band as "The Creature" (don't ask!). My main role is lead guitar but I also provide backing vocals, contribute with song writing and more recently have begun to sing lead vocals (God help you all !).

I first started playing guitar aged fifteen after my dad bought me an acoustic. When I showed a keen interest he booked a few lessons to get me started and I would cycle to the lesson, a twenty mile round trip each week, with the guitar strapped to my back (keen or what!). Since then I've never looked back, continuing to learn and enjoy ever since (thanks Fatha !!).

My main musical influences (after Showaddywaddy, Mud and the Rollers) were Deep Purple, Rush, Thin Lizzie and UFO with Alex Lifeson (Rush), Michael Schenker (UFO) and Gary Moore (Lizzie) perhaps being the biggest guitar influences. The main reasons I like these guitarists, apart from their great technique, is the melodic content in their solos coupled with their individual flair and sound. Other guitarists who I also find absolutely amazing and who meet the above criteria are Van Halen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Phil Thorell (that's a fiver you owe us!). I also have a growing interest in jazz music with guitarists like John Schofield, George Benson, Martin Taylor, Gary Potter and Louis Stewart being top of the listening list.


I have several guitars including a Fender USA Strat, an Ibanez RG 750 and two Gibson Les Paul Customs. The Les Paul is my prefered main guitar for live work, but I also use a Yamaha RGX-TT basically cos I like it. Occasionaly I will use a Schecter, particularly for songs where cleaner, sharper sounds are required.

Amplification and Effects

I have used Marshall amps for many years now, most of that time using the JMP Midi pre-amp powered by the stereo valvestate 80+80 power amp; the JMP has the versatility of midi, coupled with various clean and overdrive sounds. However, in a live situation I was rarely using more than three channel settings which were clean, rhythm and lead, so recently I switched to using the new Marshall TSL three channel valve amp. The TSL provides a thicker, richer tone, looks great and has lots of buttons and knobs to play with. On the effects front I use a Boss chorus and delay and of course a Wah Wah pedal.

Hopes and Aspirations

Being part of The Force from early beginnings to present day has been a great experience both musically and socially. I am sure the band will continue for many years to come , writing, recording and performing original songs as long as there is an audience to listen. Recording the new CD was a great pleasure and experience and I know everyone is really pleased with their contribution. The band feel it is by far the best recording we have made. Hope you will agree.